Enterprise Grade Stripe

Tier brings Stripe in to your SDLC. With our powerful developer tools, CLI, SDKs and improved security, your enterprise can now deliver robust and reliable Stripe implementations.

Tier goes further to deliver end-to-end tooling that speeds new feature delivery and allows you to focus your R&D capacity on what it does best.

Enterprise Capabilities

Billing System Management

When you configure features, plans or meters Tier will configure your Stripe account. Grandparenting and Archiving are managed and changes are only applied when they can be done successfully.

Test and Preview Deployments

Tier is able to provide clean preview deployments of test billing system data. This allows full end to end testing of your application with near-production levels of data hydration. This means less worrying about unintended consequences of a push to production.

Entitlements and Access Checks

Easily manage feature access. Tier provides you with everything you need to display only what your customer is entitled to. Go further and provide upgrade links when users show an interest in features they aren't subscribed to. Think of these like you do Feature Flags.

Test Environments

Subscriptions management is configured by Tier.